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From detecting web app vulnerabilities and server misconfigurations to remediating and constantly monitoring the whole system. You just need one tool to rule it all.

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Ultimate Security Solution

Meet the best packed solution for web app security

Ever feel web application security is a pain? It’s no more. CyStack Web Security continuously detects vulnerabilities in your assets, so you can patch all the issues right when it appears along the way of SDLC.


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Scanning for web app security risks

Whether it’s vulnerabilities, server misconfigurations, web security risks, or unmanaged assets, you can detect and start fixing them to prevent cyber attacks.

Providing full visibility of all assets

We crawl all of your known and unknown subdomains, detect subdomain-takeover attacks and hidden risks from unmanaged assets. Make sure every asset is in your control.

Continuously monitoring system

All you need to do is just toggle the button, the whole system will be underwatched carefully and continuously against cyber risks. If anything goes wrong, you are the first to know.

Allowing cross-team collaborations

A single source of truth of all vulnerabilities and risks is important for your team to work on remediation. Furthermore, CyStack Web Security allows your team to quickly work on detailed reports and patch the issues.

Working seamlessly with integration

Working on your project with Jira? No problem. You can always receive issue notifications via working programs like Jira, Slack, and Telegram.

Active Security

Get ready to combat threats

CyStack Web Security is a fully automated tool that scans your website, application, and cloud servers for vulnerability and constantly monitors them from threats.

Fix Server misconfigurations

Detect misconfigurations on your cloud server that might be the low-hanging fruit for hackers to exploit.

Detect Subdomain-Takeover vulnerability

Let’s say, you have many subdomains and APIs that some of them are not in use. Those might be affected by subdomain-takeover vulnerability that could lead to a real attack to your main web application.

Find Common vulnerabilities

Detect and fix known vulnerabilities in your website to minimize risk of website being hacked.

Check for Blacklist status

Your site looks not so attractive to Search Engine if it’s in one of the blacklists, CyStack Web Security helps you manage and notify whenever that bad case happens, so you can do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at ease.

Scan for OWASP top 10

Scan your web app to find OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities including critical bugs like XSS, SQL injection, and many more.

Manage SSL certificates

Problems with certificates might not be the hardest to address, but it’s the most severe problem when it comes. Always manage your certificates to make sure everything is valid and smooth.

Control open port

Afraid development team forgot to close some important ports? No worries as you can always manage your ports with CyStack Web Security.

Notify hacking incidents

Watch your site if it’s attacked, based on data from diverse sources.


Get the complete picture of your web app security

All security efforts will be nothing if you don’t see the big picture. CyStack Web Security scans all of your assets, providing full and solid visibility of your assets.

Detect all assets, including managed, unmanaged, and even forgotten subdomains that might secretly be the attack surface.

Scan for subdomain’s vulnerability, misconfiguration, and risk of being exploited with subdomain-takeover.

Keep track of your working patches and issues on all of your assets.


Get the work done smartly and automatically

Threats evolve fast. You need a method to quickly catch up with your web application security challenges and power your teams along product SDLC.

Automatically detect and categorize vulnerabilities, so you can work on the more important ones first.

Seamlessly assign a vulnerability to a person in charge whenever it appears on your system.

Allow collaboration between security team and development team for more effective DevOps and DevSecOps programs.


A solution that grows with your business

Web app development life cycle is short nowadays. Any app could grow rapidly in a short period of time. That could be your app. You need a solid security solution that can grows when your business grows.

Scan up to 500 sub-domains on your main asset.

Integrate security testing into your entire SDLC with powerful integrations into the tools your development team already uses.

Add unlimited assets and users, and gain full control over them.

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