Security Vulnerability Scanning and Monitoring For Web Applications

Freeing your DevOps team from security issues to focus on developing the best technology products for the customers.


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Protect web application before, during and after launching

Security vulnerabilities are the leading cause of web applications being attacked by cybercriminals. CyStack Web Security helps detect and address critical security vulnerabilities in web applications for a secure end-user experience.

Detect OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities: SQL injection, XSS, etc. and other known vulnerabilities

Web application scanning from outside the firewall, presenting the attacker's perspective

Scan for unintentionally open ports which can give hackers easy access

Checking web application security authentication

Provide detailed vulnerability reports for priority classification and quick remediation

Support messaging and project schedule management software integration


Security monitoring for the entire system on the internet

For large systems with many different types of targets, please turn on Asset Monitoring function on the root domain. CyStack Web Security will automatically scan for subdomains and monitor the entire system's security.

Install once, scan periodically

Security scan and monitor for up to 500 subdomains under your root domain

Classify the severity of vulnerabilities and propose a remediation plan

Detect Subdomain Takeover to protect your web application

Monitor SSL certificates, open ports, cloud server configuration errors

Monitor and warn immediately if the website has poor rating in the blacklists like Yandex, PhishTank, etc.

Customize the notifications for each scan item according to your organization's membership role and risk appetite

Security intelligence

Web Security's vulnerability database is built and maintained by CyStack professional security team, combining public sources, community contribution, academic research from CyStack research team and from other global trusted sources.

Valuable for every department

Management Board

CTO, CEO and Product Manager can easily view the current security state of the system and product, thereby being able to direct and make important decisions for development.

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Startup companies

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CyStack Web Security helps businesses stay ahead of the curve by ensuring the safety of technology products that have been and are being developed.

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